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Bianca Dragomir

Unlike anyone else in her realm, Bianca’s ground-breaking work has taken her from the trenches of cluster management, to advising the highest levels of European government on a €1 Trillion funding opportunity for industries meeting SDGs. She is the first woman awarded “Cluster Manager of the Year” by the European Commission (2016-18) and was appointed Ambassador to all 2500+ clusters in Europe. She brings to the table proven practical solutions based on extraordinary outcomes, combined with visionary foresight and energetic optimism.

When Bianca took over AVAESEN as CEO in 2013, the Spanish government’s “tax on the sun” was crippling renewable energy. Running a cluster in a dying sector with a mountain of debt taught her first-hand how to do more with less — working bottom-up, using common sense, and letting entrepreneurship and innovation drive growth.

She unlocked a €1.5Bn market opportunity for Valencian SMEs and today, the AVAESEN cluster leads the cleantech innovation agenda in Spain with 300 public and private members; an annual turnover of €3Bn; and 6,000 green jobs.

  • Dragomir launched the first cleantech start-up accelerator in Spain, expanding EIT Climate KIC to 12 EU countries, propelling 100 businesses into the global market, and accelerating over 275 cleantech companies. She is elected Chair, Central-Eastern Europe Strategy for EIT Climate KIC and ClimateLaunchPad Spain’s National Lead.
  • Dragomir then created the first Spanish Smart Cities Think Tank, a cluster bringing green transition projects to market through collaborations between 70 cities, businesses and VCs. Leveraging €2M in public investment in just two years, the model was quickly scaled up, using an online platform facilitating collaboration between governments and SMEs.

“Through the Smart Cities Think Tank we link municipalities as ‘problem owners’ with companies as ‘solution providers’, and venture capitalists and business angels as funders, to co-create cities of the future.”

– Bianca Dragomir, Founder, Clusters of Change

  • Bianca’s achievements were recognised by the European Commission, earning her the title “Cluster Manager of the Year” (2016-18). She is the first woman to win this award. Since then, she has continued to serve as Ambassador to >2500 EU clusters.
  • As a member of the European High-Level Industrial Roundtable ‘Industry 2030’, Bianca advises the European Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, and the European Commission Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, on developing a smart, innovative and sustainable industrial strategy for Europe’s future, resulting in a €1T funding opportunity for industries meeting SDGs.

Bianca holds two Masters degrees: International Business and European Integration (Universidad de Valencia, Spain) and Business Communication (SNSPA, Romania); she completed studies in Exponential Thinking & Foresight (Singularity University, USA); and she frequently collaborates with MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence.

“Bianca projects an urgency for “results” and “making things happen”, but she does so with a grace and multicultural sensitivity that makes for a unique skill set.”

– Paul deGive, Managing Director, The deBarsy Group

“Europe’s Green Deal offers a new paradigm where growing the economy and greening the economy go hand in hand. One of the big challenges will be getting that shift in mindset understood.”

– UK Independent, June 2020

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