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The current pandemic is showing us all that resilience is a network function.

Clusters are dynamic and meaningful networks of businesses and other ecosystem stakeholders like government, academia, innovators, investors, within an industry and region.

They are impact multipliers and ideal hotspots for scaling-up innovation. When driven by conscious leadership and the right business model, they make extraordinary change happen. Like a ripple effect.


Clusters of Change initiative provides hands-on tools and inspires clusters, ecosystems, innovation agencies and governments worldwide to employ new scalable models and become entrepreneur-driven entities that spur exponential growth.

Our vision

From Clusters-as-Usual to Clusters of Change

Industry integrated in clusters create more jobs, and pay higher-than-average salaries, and bring more innovations to market. Productivity in clusters is 25% higher than the average productivity. In Europe there are > 3000 clusters, alone.


Clusters-as-Usual: Inward-looking, one-dimensional, subsidy-oriented. Innovation is either publicly funded and research driven, or entrepreneurial and finance/VC-driven driven.

Clusters of Change: Outward-focused, multi-dimensional and diversified. Innovation ecosystems are agile, open, interconnected and active entities, uniting all players and co-creating innovative ventures with their members. They catalyse change at high speed and scale.

We need to partner in novel ways, and create new virtuous circles, business models, and value creation networks.

Let’s move away from our reliance on subsidies and engage more with the investment community. Let’s bring governments and start-ups to the same table to reshape policy and accelerate innovation on what matters.

Our story 

“Clusters need to think and act like start-ups, testing, scaling-up what’s successful and creating more robust business models.”

Bianca Dragomir
Founder, Clusters of Change

Bianca Dragomir created the Clusters of Change movement to transform clusters into fresh, bold, truly innovative ecosystems where renewal is a continuous process, playing a critical role in advancing our Sustainable Development Goals, no matter their industrial sector.



  • Advisor, European Commission Expert Group on Clusters and “Industry 2030”
  • Winner, European Commission’s “Cluster Manager of the Year” (2016-2018)
  • Ambassador to 2500+ Clusters in Europe
  • CEO of Spain’s leading cleantech cluster AVAESEN
  • Spain’s National Lead, ClimateLaunchPad Global Green Business Competition

“Bianca Dragomir is one of a cohort of Climate-KIC pioneers who have gone on to apply transition thinking in practice. Her experiences show the potential for mobilising industry in new ways, another crucial arena identified in the European Green Deal prospectus.”

– UK Independent, June 2020

Our Model: ”The 7 Stepping Stones”

To catapult clusters into the future, they need to be:

1. Open and multi-collaborative
2. Innovation-driven ecosystems
3. Globally inter-connected
4. Cross-sectoral collaborators
5. Mission-oriented
6. Centres for reskilling and upskilling
7. SGD-driven

Our Programmes: Driving Change

Systemic change needs competent change-makers.


Using The 7 Stepping Stones scalable cluster business model as a framework for transition, Clusters of Change helps industrial clusters adopt greener policies, leverage funding to become self-reliant, and serve as regional hubs for a broader movement of change.

Our programmes are offered as multi-day bootcamps, keynotes for larger conferences and one-to-one advisory, often online, designed for the following key audiences:


  • Cluster managers & practitioners
  • Visionary governments
  • Innovation agencies
  • Ecosystem builders

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